What’s in the Dune Guild Navigator Deluxe?

With a deluxe version of the Dunes Guild Navigators that comes with a full set of maps, and even more content, you’re going to want to get the Deluxe version to ensure you’re up to speed on what’s to come in the game’s next expansion, Dune: Ascendancy.

While Dune Online is still in beta, it seems the DUNGEONS GUILD has been given an update to ensure that the guilds will be able to play at their best with this new edition of the navigator.

We’re excited to announce the new Dune Navigator edition of Dunes guild navigators.

With a full map pack, the new navigators now provide all the tools and information you need to play the DUNE GUILD.

This is a game-changing upgrade for Dunes players.

With a new map pack in Dunes, you can find out the locations of the most dangerous and powerful raid bosses in Dune, and fight them in their new arenas.

Dune: The Ascendancy brings new content to Dune and Dune Unlimited, including new Dunes dungeons and raid bosses, new DUNE: Ascendant gear, and more.

For a full list of all of the new content in DUNE and DUNE Unlimited, check out our guide here.

For a complete list of DUNE Online updates and fixes, be sure to check out the patch notes for the DUTY OF THE DUNGOON update and our patch notes.