When the Navy and Navy SEALs battle each other again

Navy and Marine Corps members are set to get their hands on the first Navy and Air Force dive boats during the holidays, and they won’t be alone.

Navy and Marines will be the first in the world to get a look at the new Sea Hawk Dive Boat, a dive boat built by the Marine Corps and Navy.

The Sea Hawk will be made available to the public starting Dec. 1 at a cost of $2.4 million.

A Navy spokesperson told Fox News on Friday, “The Marine Corps has been very supportive of the Navy’s interest in this project, which will be a major advancement in Marine Corps diving.”

“The Navy is committed to providing this new generation of dive boats to the U.S. military as it continues to expand and enhance its dive capabilities and capabilities in the future,” said Navy Secretary Ray Mabus.

The Navy will also purchase two dive boats and test them at a local marine airfield, the spokesperson said.

The two dive vessels will be delivered to the Naval Surface Warfare Center at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, in mid-January, according to a Navy statement.

The Navy will purchase the first Sea Hawk dive boat in April 2020, followed by the two dive craft in June 2021.

The Marine Marine Corps currently has only one Sea Hawk.

It is a small, light, lightweight, water-resistant dive boat with a range of up to 400 yards.

The Air Force has two Sea Hawks.

They are similar to the Navy-built Sea Hawk, but they are a bit larger and lighter.

The Sea Hawks are also designed to carry helicopters, including the UH-1 Huey helicopter, but their primary role is to carry small, watercraft like helicopters.

The new dive boat, like the two previous versions, will be built by Lockheed Martin Corp. The Marine Corps is paying Lockheed $2 million for the new boat.