Why are people obsessed with ‘Black History Month’ videos?

The latest video to have gone viral is a series of videos that feature Black people telling stories about being “disrupted” by white supremacy and patriarchy.

The videos were created by a young white man called James, who started them after seeing a documentary called “Black History” which featured “people who have suffered from racism”.

In the video, James says he found it “creepy” that people were “talking about how they’re not racist”.

“I think that the people who are making the videos are either in denial or just not aware that there are black people who’ve experienced racism.

They’re afraid to talk about it,” he said.

“It’s a problem.”

James then explained that while the majority of people in the US were white, he felt “privileged” that his race was “visible” to white people.

“I feel like we are being looked down on because we’re different, because we have different skin colours and we’re also black and brown,” he continued.

“So we need to be able to speak about that and be able in some way to say we’re not a racist, and that we’re being ignored by the mainstream.”

The videos have since gone viral and James has been featured in multiple publications, including the BBC and CNN.

“What’s so creepy about it is that I feel like it’s a tool to really push the boundaries of what we’re comfortable with in terms of what blackness is,” he told BuzzFeed News.

“We’ve been told that blackness means a certain way of being.

I feel that if you don’t have a blackness that’s comfortable, you’re not black, you don’st belong in this country.”

The most recent video James created has attracted nearly 2.3 million views, with nearly 5,000 subscribers.

The idea for the videos came about after a discussion with a group of Black people.

After the discussion, James came up with the idea of “Black Culture”.

“The idea of Black Culture is to tell stories about how Black people have had to navigate a world that has a lot of racism, a lot more sexism and a lot less white supremacy, and how Black communities have to fight back,” he explained.

“If we can tell stories, we can show that black culture can be resilient and resilient blackness can be powerful.”‘

Black History’ videos have been shared more than 200,000 times on YouTube.

The videos have also been viewed more than 4 million times.

The video, which has been viewed nearly 3 million times, was originally uploaded on March 12, 2016, but has since been shared over 3 million more times.

James said that while his videos are meant to be about Black people, they also “have a broader message”.

“There’s a message of how you can make yourself more visible and more relevant to the world.

It’s not just a black person’s video,” he added.”

Black History can be a universal story of how we can be different and have our voices heard.

We can say that Black people are not alone, we are not all the same, and we can have our lives taken from us.”

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