When GPS Navigation Is Not Supported, Get Google Navigation, Google’s new app for iPhone and Android

Google Maps and Google Now are now the default navigation apps on iOS, and Apple is finally getting around to implementing its own Google navigation app.

Google Maps has always been a pretty good app, but Google Now has always seemed to be a bit lackluster.

The first version of Google Now was pretty limited, too, offering only a few options and not much information about the locations of the things you want to see.

With the introduction of the first version in 2015, Google introduced Google Now for iPhone, which offered a lot of features, but lacked many of the basics.

Google Now for Android, meanwhile, has a lot more features and a lot better interface.

There are new features, like “nearby locations” which allow you to find nearby restaurants and bars, but it also has a way to “see more” and shows more maps in a smaller space.

Google Now can also send you notifications when you get directions to your next destination, which means it can help you get to your destination without ever leaving the app.