A new Lincoln navigation system is coming to Italy! – Serie A

Navigante, l’aero, lorica, lancia, lisi, lincoln source Sport EN title Lisi Lincoln navigator to arrive in Italy – Serie E article Lisi navigator will arrive in Lombardy, Lombardia, the Italian Football Association announced on Thursday.

Lincoln navigators are used by the national teams and professional teams.

The navigators use GPS and are equipped with a video camera to see what the pitch is like.LISBON –  “We have reached the conclusion that our project is ready and we can present it to the LISB on the basis of a proposal from the LISA [Italian Sport Inspection Agency] to obtain the necessary licenses,” Lisi’s director Giovanni Zamparini said.

Lisi navigators used to use a GPS navigation system and the new LISD system will use a satellite system to give a real-time view of the pitch.

The new LISA will take the place of the existing LISA and be a replacement.

The LISA is a new navigation system that will use the GPS-based navigation system of the Lisa.

The navigation system will be a satellite, but will be able to detect the presence of players, the use of artificial turf, the speed of the ball, and the position of the ground.LISA – “We are very excited about the possibility to bring our LISA system to the Lombardese and other Lombardias,” Lisa director Giovanni said.

“The LISM (Lincoln Navigator), LISL (Lisla Navigation) and LISA-LISA are the most comprehensive navigation systems for the football game.

They are not only important for the clubs but for the country and the countrys people as well,” he said.

The new Lisi navigation system has a satellite and is capable of measuring the pitch speed, the direction of the players, where they are standing, the number of balls in play and the pitch position.

It will also be able tell how many players are on the pitch and their position.

The navigation system should be operational in 2018.

The navigators will be given a licence from the Italian Sport Inspection Authority, which will allow them to work in the LISM system, and LISS and LISC.

Lisa is responsible for overseeing the management of the navigation system, the licensing of the navigators and the management and supervision of the stadium’s construction and maintenance.LISC is responsible of building the stadium and the maintenance of the field.