What to know about Aldi’s recall of Aldi products

In May 2017, Aldi announced a recall of some of its popular menards and sauces, including those made from its most popular brands, including Pomegranate and Black Bean, as well as some imported products.

The recall prompted a nationwide public outcry that led to an international man-to-man recall of many Aldi-brand products.

More than 4,000 products were recalled in the U.S. in that span.

More recall announcements were expected to come.

In the meantime, Aldis has made some progress in responding to the recall.

In July, it said it had agreed to purchase back the ingredients used in its recalled products.

On Thursday, Aldilis said it was recalling some products made from imported products made in Australia.

The company said it would be conducting a further review of its imported products and would announce more details about the process it would use to decide whether to continue the importation of imported products in the future.

“We are taking steps to resolve this matter quickly and appropriately,” the company said in a statement.

“While there is no evidence that the imported products are harmful to human health or the environment, we are taking measures to ensure the safety of the affected customers and the community.”