Why do people find it hard to navigate their way through a truck navigation light?

One of the more unusual navigation lights on your truck will soon be made in a new color, as a new design has been selected for the truck navigation lights.

Perko Navigation, a UK manufacturer of truck navigation lamps, has announced the first truck navigation lamp will be available in red this year, and will be used by “over 60 percent of all truck owners.”

The new navigation lights will be priced at between $30 and $100 per bulb.

Perko’s announcement is not surprising considering that Perko was founded by Mike Perko, the founder of Perko’s truck navigation lighting company.

The Perko Navigator lighting system is a new light design designed to give a clear and consistent indication of vehicle position in the road.

It is designed to reduce the chance of drivers losing sight of the navigation lights due to road conditions.

“A lot of truck drivers are very keen to get a navigation light on their truck,” said Perko founder Mike Perkovich.

“They have seen a lot of the lights fail on them, so we knew that we wanted to create something that would be reliable and reliable on the road, and that’s exactly what we did with the Perko navigation lamp.

It has a really high beam and it’s bright.”

Perkogos new navigation light will be made of stainless steel, which is easy to clean.

It will be placed at the rear of the vehicle and will also be able to change between flashing red and green lights.

“It has a very clear and crisp color and the light will last for many years,” Perkole said.

“This is an amazing light that will help make your truck navigation system better than ever.”

Perko has teamed up with trucking company, Perko Group, to design the new navigation lamp, and Perko also announced that the new PerkoNavigator system will be manufactured in the UK.

Perkos navigation light is designed for the Perkolink, a trucked navigation system.

The company also says that it is also making available a new navigation system for the 2017 Chevy Equinox.

The 2017 Chevrolet Equinolux will have a much wider beam than the 2017 Perko NAVigator, and it will feature PerkoLink, a new truck navigation app that allows drivers to quickly access their location.

The new Perkols Navigation app will be compatible with Android and iOS devices.

“With Perko Link, our engineers have been able to bring the best of Perkoe technology into a modern, easy-to-use app,” Perko said.

The navigation system will also feature the Perkos Advanced Navigation Engine, a navigation engine that will be able offer the same navigation functionality as the Perks Navigator but also support GPS and navigation devices like Garmin and Garmin Edge.

Perky also unveiled a new version of its new navigation app, which will be free for the first three years of the PerkovoNavigator service.

Perkedomedia, a Perko subsidiary, is also offering the PerkedoNavigation app for the next three years.

PerKo said that it plans to release a new PerksNavigator app for Android in 2019, and a Perkos Navigation app for iPhone in 2020.