A case of a father taking his child to a school to study

In an incident reported by the Times of Ireland, a father in Ireland, reported his daughter having to go to school in a school in Co Galway for an hour because of a shortage of toilets.

He reported her to school officials and got her sent to the local primary school in Galway. 

The incident is in the category of ‘disgraceful’ and ‘unfortunate’ in its treatment of the poor.

The father told the Irish Daily Mail: I was walking to the school, I had my children in my arms, and I thought to myself, I need a toilet, I have to get one. 

The father, who is an architect, was told that there were no toilets at the school and he was told he had to come and find one at home. 

‘The first day I was there, they said I had to leave because the toilets were not there,’ the father said. 

A local newspaper reported that the school in question had been built on the site of the former Ballynahinch Primary School, which closed in 1887.

The school, which had a population of just 100 students, was built by the local school board and is now known as Ballynahinch Primary.