How the US Navy’s ‘shark navigator’ helped save a family of five from drowning

The Navy’s shark navigators are being credited with saving a family from drowning, but they’re now under fire for their handling of the situation.

As a family-of-five, the family’s life was in jeopardy.

Their boat was caught in the middle of the ocean while it was navigating.

It was already high on saltwater when the family went into the water and then they heard the boom and heard the crash.

The captain told the family to swim to safety.

“We knew we were going to drown,” said one of the survivors.

But the navigator on board the boat knew better and took the two of them to safety and to shore.

The family’s first-hand account was published by a website called Shark Patrol and they have since received thousands of shares on social media, with some calling for their firing.

The Navy has said that it’s taking action against the navigators.

The Navy’s chief of naval operations has defended the navigational procedures that saved the family and that the Navy is now looking into whether any employees have been disciplined.

“I am not going to go into any of the details that are still under investigation,” Rear Adm.

John Richardson said.

“I think that’s an important distinction.”

The family was rescued by the Navy’s sonar system, which has been used to locate and sink submarines, but the navigation system failed and the family did not know where they were until they were pulled out of the water.

“They were a little bit out of control and we were trying to keep them in the boat,” said the mother.

“It’s an emergency situation, and they were trying everything they could.”

A spokesperson for the Navy says that the crew’s decision to swim was a life-saving maneuver, and that they have launched an internal investigation into the incident.

The Department of Defense is also investigating.