How to use Google Maps to navigate to the best places for free

Search engine giant Google has launched a new feature that will help users find the best place to eat, drink and shop, using the free navigation service mdc.

The new feature, called mdc navigation, will let users search for food and drink places based on their location, and if the search is successful, the result will be highlighted in yellow.

“Mdc will also allow you to search for other places on the map,” mdc spokesperson Jonathan Smith told The Verge in an email.

“You can even take a screenshot and share it with friends or family.”

It’ll take a bit of getting used to but it will be a much quicker and more accurate way to find restaurants, stores, cafes and more in the future.

“The feature is available for Android and iOS users on the Google Maps app.

For now, mdc is still available on the US version of the app, but it is slated to be available in the UK, Germany, France and Spain soon.

Google’s navigation app, mdx, is also now available in Australia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Germany and the Netherlands.