When you want to find out what the best navigation app is for you, Google is there to help

You may have heard that Google is getting rid of navigation apps altogether, but that may not be true.

In fact, Google seems to be actively looking at making navigation apps even better in the near future.

Now a new study from Oxford University suggests that the search giant may even be experimenting with making navigation better for users.

The study, published in the Journal of Consumer Research, surveyed 2,500 users of the popular navigation app, Google Maps, as to whether or not they’d be willing to pay a premium for an improved navigation experience.

They found that about half of the respondents would consider the price to be worth it.

That’s a very strong indication that Google’s intention is to improve the navigation experience for users, rather than just make them feel better.

In the same study, about 1 in 4 of the survey participants said they’d still like to see Google provide better navigation options in the future.

The company has been experimenting with improving the search experience with different tools in the past, such as a personalized experience for searching for restaurants, and a personalized guide for finding the best car rental options.

It seems like Google is finally moving away from just making navigation more convenient, and instead is looking to improve its search results and content to make navigation a little more convenient.

Google’s Google Maps has been getting some updates over the past few years, and the company has a variety of tools to improve it.

The new navigation app for Google Maps is the most recent of these.

Users can use this new version of the app to get directions, check out local businesses, and more.

The app is also designed to make navigating a little easier, allowing users to add shortcuts to key navigation points.

Users have the option of creating a list of navigation points and tagging them to make them easier to navigate.

The next step in the company’s evolution towards making navigation easier is to bring the new version to the iOS and Android platforms.