Why the FBI is not telling the truth about the James Holmes case

FBI Director James Comey has admitted he was not told by investigators why they were looking into the murder of James Holmes in an Aurora theater, but he insisted he knew the reason why they didn’t: They were concerned about Trump’s policies and the election.

The revelation comes just two days after Comey was accused of lying to the Senate Intelligence Committee.

In a letter to the committee, Comey said the bureau was not looking into whether the gunman had committed another crime or was otherwise “unaware of any relevant law enforcement activity.”

“In my view, that is simply not the case,” Comey said.

“It is not my job to determine whether or not there is a criminal investigation, only to inform the FBI of any investigation we may have into it.”

In a statement, the Justice Department denied that Comey was lying to senators.

“The FBI is fully committed to serving our country and its citizens, and that includes protecting the American people and the public’s trust,” the statement read.

“We believe this information was provided to us by the appropriate authorities, and the FBI stands by the fact that it is not a criminal matter.”

Comey also told the Senate committee he was concerned about how Trump was handling the investigation into the shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed African-American teen, in Ferguson, Missouri.

The FBI has been investigating Brown’s death since August of last year.

In October, the agency released its final report, which concluded that the incident was an act of domestic terrorism.

Comey said at the time that the FBI had received “a number of inquiries” about the shooting, and he said he had told FBI agents to look into the matter.