Shark navigators are becoming more popular, but can they be trusted?

Navigator ratings for the popular navigation app, iKEA navigator show that most of the apps ratings are good, but the shark navigator ratings show the app is not trusted at all.

According to a report from Bloomberg, more than 20 percent of users who installed the app have given it a negative rating.

The sharks rating was also more positive than the average ratings, with just 3 percent rating it negative.

The app has received more positive ratings than negative ones in the past year.

It has also received a very positive score in the last year from more than half of users, but less than half rated it as good or good enough.

The company says it will soon improve the shark rating.

Apple, Amazon, and Google are the only three companies that have yet to release a shark rating for the app.

The only company that has released a shark ratings is Apple, but that’s not necessarily the best way to use the app since there are plenty of other ways to use it.

For example, the app lets users search for and download products on Amazon and Apple’s website, which is an Amazon-like website, or on Google’s own store, which has a similar design.

Amazon and Google have had trouble keeping up with demand for their own stores, however, and the company has also struggled with the proliferation of its own online stores, as well as the emergence of the app store.

IKEA’s Shark Rating, 2015 – Bloomberg Businessweek article Google has a lot of apps that can be used on its website, but its shark rating is actually a lot better than Apple’s and Amazon’s.

In the past, Google has had a lot to prove in terms of delivering a reliable and accurate app ratings.

The most recent app ratings from Google’s App Store show that only about 20 percent (20 percent) of users approve of its rating.

While that may be lower than other popular app ratings, it’s still a lower percentage than any other app.

However, Google still has a long way to go before it reaches its goal of having a reliable app rating.

Apple’s App Ratings, 2016 – article Apple’s App Stores have had a rough few years.

The App Store has had several ratings controversies, including the rating of a game that was too difficult for a low-income kid to play.

The problem with those ratings, however was that they were mostly about ratings, not actual apps that were actually released by Apple.

The rating of the “WannaCry” ransomware attack has also been controversial, with many users complaining about its ratings.

For a while, Google had the best rating for apps on the App Store, with the company’s ratings averaging a 6.8 out of 10.

However the app ratings were always far from being the best, and that rating went down in the summer of 2016, when Google announced its “Scratch 4” update, which added features like new security tools and an in-app rating system.