B.C. premier pleads guilty to obstructing justice

A B.I.C., British Columbia and New Brunswick premier has been found guilty of obstructing the justice system in the corruption investigation involving the province’s former premier, a court has heard.

Premier David Alward pleaded guilty in provincial court in Vancouver to a number of charges, including conspiring to obstruct justice, tampering with evidence and uttering threats.

He was also ordered to pay $2.2 million in restitution.

Alward was in Vancouver on Monday, along with his wife, Linda, and his former finance minister, Mark Gordon.

The premier’s office said the premier had been released on bail, but the court was set to hear the case again next week.

The former premier was the subject of a corruption probe into his former government, but it was suspended last year following an investigation into the alleged misuse of $1.2 billion in public funds.