Trump’s tax returns are coming, and he’ll use them to push for tax reform

Trump’s return, a batch of tax returns filed by his family members, could be the first glimpse of what he has in store for America’s future tax reform plans.

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The president has not released his full returns from his first year in office, which was released in June, although his tax returns, along with the returns of every previous president since Dwight D. Eisenhower, have become a hot-button issue for the Trump administration.

But since Trump’s inauguration, he has made several attempts to release them.

“I will be releasing my tax returns in the near future,” Trump said at a news conference on Friday morning, just days after announcing his intention to release his tax return.

“I think it would be really nice.”

Trump has made his returns public, along, with the White House’s response, to push back against the notion that he will release the returns before his inauguration.

“My tax returns will be released, so it’s just one more opportunity for me to answer a lot of questions,” Trump told reporters.

“And you can look forward to seeing it soon.”

While the president’s comments have generated a firestorm of criticism, Trump has remained confident that he’ll release the tax returns before he leaves office, saying in a statement on Friday that “the President is confident that, at the appropriate time, I will release all of my returns, as I promised on the campaign trail.”

But on Friday, the White.

House press office said that Trump would not be releasing his returns until after his inauguration, which is the same time when his administration plans to release its first full tax report.

“We expect to have all of the President’s tax return by the end of January,” the White said in a news release.

“The White House will continue to provide updates as they become available.”

The Whitehouse has made its position clear that Trump will not be making the tax-related release before his presidency ends, although he has hinted at that possibility, saying he was “looking forward to getting the tax information out.”

The Trump White House has said that the president will not release his returns during his time in office and has also said that his transition team has been “working to prepare a complete, comprehensive, and accurate tax return that will be available to the public by the time he leaves the White house.”

The President is the first president in history to release tax returns during the transition, but it’s not clear if he will make the full tax return public until after the inauguration.

The White House said in February that it would not release any of Trumps tax returns after his swearing-in, a statement that was later deleted.