The New York City Police Department is hiring an on-the-ground consultant for a nationwide investigation into the NYPD’s surveillance of Muslims

NEW YORK — The New Yorker is reporting that the New York Police Department plans to hire an on the ground consultant to examine the surveillance of Muslim Americans and other minorities.

The NYPD’s counterterrorism division is under pressure from the Justice Department over the NYPD-run stop-and-frisk program, which has resulted in dozens of arrests.

The New Yorker says the project will be led by a former FBI counterterrorism agent, who has been working on the issue since 2015.

It says he’s also been an outspoken critic of the NYPD.

A spokesman for the New Yorker did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Associated Press.

The New Yorkers project is the latest effort by the New Yorkers to hold the NYPD accountable for what they say is a failure to protect them.