How to see if you have the disease Anaconda – a guide to the rare disease

Anacondas are a rare, malignant form of the snake that attacks the nervous system.

They can be found in South Australia and the Northern Territory.

The first recorded case was in 1900 and only two more were recorded since then.

If you are not a native Australian, it is not uncommon to find the snake in the wild.

Anacondases are small snakes and do not usually live very long.

They are usually found in woodlands and are a threat to all wildlife in Australia.

They have a venom that is very painful and it can cause death if bitten.

Most people with Anaconias have not been diagnosed but if you suspect you have one you should seek urgent medical attention.

How to find an Anaconde There are many different ways to find Anacons but here are a few suggestions: If you are in a car park and are driving by an Anacia and you see a snake approaching you, drive slowly and try to stay behind the snake, but if possible, stay a few yards away.

If your car is parked in a lot or bush near a water source, take a look for a small white snake and look for the Anaconds and if they are not there, move on to another section of the lot or brush.

There is no way to predict the number of snakes in your area.

It is possible that you might see two or more snakes in a short time.

Be prepared to walk into a dangerous situation to avoid being bitten.

If a snake is around your car, make sure you do not get bitten, even if it is the smallest snake in your car.

If it is larger than you, make a point to take it out of your car and get it out before it bites you.

Some people will only find Anacentas if they see them on television, so you might be surprised to learn that there are more Anacones than you might expect.

For more information on Anacona sightings, call the Anacenta Information Line on 13 11 14 or visit