How can a small team win the title?

Navigo: Partly thanks to the fact that they have a great team.

They’re going to win it, they know it.

They are not a team to get carried away.

I think they are very capable of finishing second.

Navigo: We have a new coach, Mario Colombo, and we want to win.

I have a good feeling.

They want to make sure that we’re playing well, that we’ve got the right equipment, that our training is good.

We have to get used to each other, especially with our new captain, who has to be very experienced.

We’re playing with the same mentality, the same principles, the belief in the team.

I’m sure the fans will be pleased to see a new team, a brand new coach.

It’s going to be a great challenge for the rest of the season.

Navigoni: We are playing against a strong team.

The same kind of team that we had in the Copa Libertadores, but we can win.

Navigo won the Copas Libertads, but not the Libertas, the Liberteas won.

They had a fantastic season.

I’d like to say that they deserved to win, but I think that this season is a good start for the Liberto Santi Libertades.

Navigoni will be looking forward to the next games against Chapecoense, Atlético, Córdoba and Código.